Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ask The Husband: 5 Masculine Black Tie Perfumes

Composing yesterday's little list of perfumes I'd wear with an evening gown was a lot easier than making The Blond come up with his choice of five black tie masculine perfumes. The result is interesting, though. Not necessarily the ones I would have chosen for him, but I'm not the one who needs to deal with the bow tie.

In no particular order:

1. Mazzolari Lui- Sweet dark patchouli. Not very articulate of me, but: yum!
Why the husband likes it: You'll know when he enters the room.

2. Neil Morris Gotham- Urban and animalic.
Why the husband likes it: It's sophisticated and unusual. No one is going to smell like him.

3. MPG Route du Vetiver- A surprising choice as this is such a raw and untamed vetiver, which might be the point.
Why the husband likes it: It's very different from his polite vetivers (Tom Ford, Guerlain, Lubin) and his "let's take the boardroom" Vetiver Extraordinaire.

4. Tom Ford Private Blend Japon Noir- Dapper and stylish without losing an ounce of sensuality.
Why the husband likes it: It's warm and friendly, makes him feel like he's ready to work the room.

5. By Kilian Pure Oud- Of course. I nearly put this one on my own list.
Why the husband likes it: It smells like a million dollar in the opposite possible way to Donald Trump.

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