Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Rose Perfumes For Anti-Rose People

In preparation to packing the house for moving, I've been taking a mental inventory of my possessions, including the perfume collection. The result (aside from panic) was realizing that for a person who isn't a rose fan (I don't even wear Frederic Malle's Lipstick Rose or Une Rose), I do have quite a few rosy scents and I like them very much. These are ones that never turn sour on my skin, don't have a simple, pink feeling and have a lot more going on in them than just the flower.

1. Un Rose Chypree- Tauer
Probably my favorite 2009 release. From my original review: "Andy Tauer has taken one of the classic structures, the chypre (an accord built on a base of oakmoss and labdanum and topped with bergamot), and gave it a new life. Chypre lovers will be thrilled to find their old, elegant acquaintance here. But it's also a modern perfume that feels very much alive, young without being juvenile, and hopelessly romantic".

2. Tai'f- Ormonde Jayne
A sunny, fruit-and-honey rose. It's uplifting and very feminine, blooms in the heat of summer and warms the heart in winter.

3. Frankincense Myrrh Rose Maroc- Regina Harris
A dark, mysterious rose. Gothic in the medieval sense of the word, not the black-wearing, Morissey-worshipping ancestors of the emo kids. Black eye makeup not required. High heels and red Chanel lipstick would be more appropriate.

4. Roses et Chocolat- Ayala Moriel
I can't believe there aren't more perfumes based on this brilliant concept- roses and chocolate, a beautiful, sumptuous gourmand scent that smells like truffles and love. An all-natural perfume.

5. Le Maroc Pour Elle- Tauer
Rose and jasmine that smell nothing like Patou's Joy. Instead of the quintessential Parisienne perfume, Le Maroc belly dances the line between an oriental and a gourmand, at times evoking the Sultan's garden, other times- his kitchen where plates of Turkish delight and orange blossom pudding are being prepared. Very rewarding for the brave of heart.

6. Amouage Lyric for women
A black tie perfume. Formal and as elegant as it gets. Write your acceptance speech and wear a tiara.

7. Bois de Paradis- Parfums DelRae
A jammy rose with an amber-wood drydown. Smells quite different on men than on women, always pleasurable and the body cream is to die for.

Photo: Miroslav Hild, A Rose behind the Window, 1960


  1. What, no Paestum Rose?!

    All that lovely dark frankincense and myrrh... mmm, so deliciously dry and resinous.

    Also love Voleur des Roses, with its dirt and darkness.

  2. Hey how are you? just a question. By any chance do you happen to have the late 90's early 2000 YSL parys ads? thanks, great blog by the way!!!!


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