Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Favorite Coffee Perfumes

I'm not a coffee drinker. There's a full list of beverages I prefer to coffee, from tea (obviously) to banana-strawberry smoothies. But I do like the smell of a coffee shop, of the coffee aisle at Whole Foods right after someone ground their beans, and a handful of coffee fragrances. Here are my top 10 picks:

  • Yohji Yamamoto- Yohji Homme. The original one (I haven't tried the reissue) is loaded with the good stuff: from coffee to sandalwood.
  • Undergreen- Black. A recent discovery: a smoky dirty city street in the early morning hours.
  • Christian Dior La Collection Privée- Eau Noire. Black coffee sweetened with immortelle with a butter cookie on the side.
  • Thierry Mugler- A*Men. The original, which I prefer to the limited edition A*Men Pure Coffee that expanded the note in question. Yes, it's enormously popular, and often abused by wearers. It's also rather awesome.
  • Ayala Moriel- Finjan. Turkish black coffee cooked over open fire.
  • Hilde Soliani- Bell'Antonio. An elegant coffee and tobacco fragrance, quite masculine, very unsuitable for the non smokers among us, yet fascinating and beautiful.
  • Ava Luxe- Cafe Noir. Spicy and sweet, coffee creamed with sandalwood.
  • L`Artisan Parfumeur- L'Eau du Navigateur- Spiced up coffee with an incensy dry-down. Discontinued, which is as inexplicable as the fact L'Artisan still offers Batacuda.
  • DSH Perfumes- Coffee Absolute. Dark, dry, and fully roasted. This one is as coffee-ish as they come.
  • Aftelier- Fir, Pear & Coffee Body Oil/Hair Elixir. Technically this is not a perfume but a body product, but it has such a robust and satisfying (not to mention long-lasting) coffee note that it has to be mentioned here.
Are you a coffee drinker? Do you have any favorite coffee perfumes?


  1. Do you know of any perfumes that have a hazelnut note? My sister is dying to smell like a hazelnut latte, and my google-fu is failing me. These coffee fragrances sound great, and I have DSH Coffee Absolute, but I'm looking for something less smoky. I thought I'd give asking you a shot, I love reading your reviews.

    1. There is one in the Miroir - Series by Mugler that smells hazelnutty and L'Artisan Mechant Loup has a distinct roasted hazelnut note.

  2. I absolutely love these posts of yours. Now I have Ava Luxe's Cafe Noir on the top of my wish list. Anything with a creamy smooth sandalwood is a friend of mine. Have a wonderful week!

  3. I've got another. But it's a skin product, too. It's one my derm recommended and while it's supposedly all about the effects on your skin (and I swear by its smoothing, pore-refining, tightening effects), it also has a subtle but glorious greenish coffee bean aroma. Phloretin CF by Skinceuticals. At $140 for 30 mls, it's pricey, but my derm is a personal friend and he let it slip that Amazon offers a great deal on the sample sizes (under $50 for 6 5 ml travel sizes).

  4. Great list! Don't drink coffee, don't smoke, but love wearing scents related to both of them. I really wish Mandy would offer Pear, Fir and Coffee oil as a perfume as well as an oil. It's such a fantastic smell and one of my absolute favorite scents for grounding. Really glad I just read your post and was reminded of it - am about to go put some on for just that purpose. An eleven mile drive this afternoon took me well over three hours. Horrible weather, hideous road conditions, countless wrecks, people abandoning their cars, resulting gridlock, etc. Hate winter. Really, really hate winter.

  5. I love Sebastiane's Espresso Royale and CSP Vanille Mocha.

  6. Il Profumo: Cafe Vert - but the coffee note is a whisper and does not show up every time...


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