Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Fall Look: Dior Dandy Collection

Among the more interesting options for fall 2008 we have the 'Dandy' collection from Dior. It's interesting, and can be made wearable with a few adjustments. Nordstrom debuted it and within days (and before I made up my mind if I really need more pearly brown eyeshadows) were sold out of the most interesting item, the Imression Cuir Leather Couture eyeshadow compact. It was gorgeous and I hope they will have some more when the collection moves to other stores.

There are still other options to create this glamorous (and, let's admit it, a bit over-the-top) eye makeup using the Iridescent Leather 5 shadow compact. And I'm willing to bet my Bobbi Brown Chocolate palette from fall 2006 that we all have enough brown and bronze eyeshadows in our stashes that adding another big compact isn't a top priority.

But the real star here is the dark brown lip color. Dior isn't the only option for this look. Smashbox Wicked Lipgloss in Sultry is another one (review coming later this week), and it's worth exploring, even though it's not easy to pull off without looking like you had an encounter with a pudding cup. I'll post some tips with my upcoming reviews.

One last thing: The model in the photo is sporting the icky reverse French manicure, but the color itself is great. Neither Nordstrom nor any other retailer has announced which one it is. It might be Liquorice (a former Nordstrom exclusive, now available at BeautyEncounter.com, of all places).


  1. Is that the fiction brown shade, or western beige? Both are dark...

  2. The lipstick is gorgeous, but the model looks like she is from a different planet.

  3. not sure about the whole ET as Bonnie Parker bit..

  4. Minx- As far as I can tell, it's Fiction Brown (which I own) layered with a dark gloss (probably the Lurex Plum) and then blotted to remove the extra shine. I'm guessing the entire look in the pic was achieved by blending multiple colors together.

  5. Lavinia- The model does look... different. I guess it has achieved the purpose: it definitely makes one look at the picture and try to figure it out.

  6. Tom- I've been trying to figure out who/what this was supposed to resemble. Bonnie Parker, of course... And now that both you and Lavinia mention it, I can actually see her trying to phone home.

  7. are you also the fashionprincess frin beautyandfashionnews.com? She says the same exact thing! I think the colors are beautiful, thanks for posting.


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