Thursday, July 10, 2008

Goldfinger- Chanel Facettes D'Or Nail Color Gold Fiction

I'm posting pictures of my own nails here is neither because I'm proud of either my one-hand photographing skills (I'm definitely not), nor is it because of my nail polish application expertise (I'm a known klutz). The reason I'm doing this is because the bottle of the new Chanel Facettes D'Or Nail Color Gold Fiction for fall 2008 is an opaque gold so you can't see what's inside. I can't say I'm convinced it was the best idea ever, but the bottle is quite true the polish, though to get the exact result you'll need three coats, which is more than I'm willing to commit myself to doing. It triples the odds of cat hair getting stuck to my nails, which is not a good look for me.

Therefore, what you see here is the result of two coats of polish. The first two photos were taken in natural daylight (though still indoors and I had to use flash). The last one was taken in evening-like environment (again, with flash). The results are very true-to-life. I didn't use any base coat or top coat when taking these, so this is Gold Fiction straight up.

What I like about this polish is both the quality (easy to apply and doesn't streak, stays put for several days even when not using a top coat) and the color itself. I was worried that it would be too yellow, hence look sickly, but this is true gold and the undertone is almost peachy, so it never goes fungal.

The gold color is actually very summery. Especially when you compare it to Dior Gold Nugget. I'm glad it came out early enough to wear all through July and August. In the fall I actually prefer the deep browns and burgundy that other companies are about to launch.

But now we get to the price. Gold Fiction retails for $30 and I hate to even think about what it would end up raking on eBay, once it's sold out everywhere else. I like this polish and don't regret buying it, but considering the prices of everything else, I'm not sure I can tell you to run out and buy it. It's a good one, for sure, the color is lovely and quite special. But unless you're a collector, a die-hard fan or think this is your holy grail, I can't say the price is fully justified.

Now, here's a little distraction brought to you from an era when you didn't have to choose between filling your gas tank and buying a nail polish:

Photos: my own.

Chanel fall 2008 collection is available from Chanel counters at upscale department stores (though my local ones in Paramus still didn't have it last weekend) and online. I bought mine directly from


  1. A little Shirley Bassey with my morning cuppa? Priceless!

  2. Your hand looks beautiful with the ring and the golden nail polish.
    Really classy!


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