Monday, July 21, 2008

No Wire Hangers, Ever!

My dream closet is the one Nick Lachey had built for Jessica Simpson in an old Newlyweds episode from the good old days when both of them had careers. However, it's not happening any time soon, and I'm dealing with very little room to hang my dresses and shirts.

My nice wood hangers looked good about 30 dresses ago, but lately they've been bumping into each other, hanging to the side and pulling the garments in every direction. And the worst part is that they're quite thick, which translates into taking up the precious space.

A couple of months ago I discovered Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers. My local Target had a few six packs which I bought one desperate day. Ever since then I go back and take everything they have in stock, because they are just that fabulous. The concept is simple: thin hangers covered in a velvety material that keeps even my flimsiest silk chiffon tops from sliding off (and getting lost in the abyss known as the closet floor). For every two of my old hangers I can now fit three, so it's a serious space saver.

My store only carries the black and butter ones, but on the HSN website I see they also come in fun colors and different sizes. Now I just need someone to come over and get everything organized for me.


  1. Heh, my mother and daughter both have closets full of only these hangers. I guess they like them so much for the same reasons as you :)

  2. Thanks for the post, I've wondered about these hangers and if they're really that good. My husband and I just bought a very old, tiny house that we love, except for the fact that it has two (that's correct, 2) closets in the whole place. And they are very small. We will remedy that situation very soon, but hanging space will still be at a premium, so these hangers sound like a necessity.

  3. I have this fantasy that I wake up one morning, it's a month later and my house is magically perfectly organised ans scrupulously clan.

    Oh, and i have perfect teeth.

    And a waist.

  4. Gail- Even my husband is thrilled with these. He prefers to hang is sweaters, and has almost as many clothes as I have, so saving space is a priority.

  5. Anita- We've been looking at houses lately and it seems that every house I like has a storage problem. But one of my requirements for whatever we decide to buy is to have a room that can be converted into my dream closet.

  6. Tom- In my fantasy I'm also tall and speak perfect French. But I'd settle for an immaculate closet and cats who clean their own litterbox. Both are equally feasible.

  7. Great post! I agree that these are fabulous hangers. I love having everything in my closet on matching hangers that are all the same height, and that was previously impossible because tank tops and camisoles required special hangers. Now everything is organized and beautiful, with no slippage!


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