Monday, July 07, 2008

The Shape Issue

Someone at Neiman Marcus thought this Fendi jacket was worth an email newsletter. I agree, but for another reason altogether: it shows all that's wrong with this shape.

Have a look- What part of the model's body appears the smallest? Which part is the widest?

See what I mean?

In what universe do women aspire to have a midsection that's twice the size of their breasts?


  1. Caption for the photo: "Look! I can fit into the same outfit I wore when I was six! It was my halloween costume! I went as Mildred Pierce! Isn't it fabulous?"

  2. Excellent point!

    And tmp - I am absolutely giddy over the Mildred Pierce reference!

  3. Correct: these kind of clothes rarely work.

    BTW, thanks for the Caron post on which I commented with some grief. I thought I'd never do that.

  4. i'm glad i'm not the only one who notices this stuff! it always makes me wonder if the designers might actually hate women subconsciously...

    - minette

  5. I've thought the same thing with some outfits I have seen. Are they trying to make women look hideous? I figure if it looks bad on a size 0 model, it's going to look pretty stinky on me!

  6. Tom- I love it! Mildred Pierce chic... Coming next: the Baby Jane makeup collection.

  7. Always in Style- It's reassuring to see others agree with me. And even better to see more Joan fans...

  8. Helg- At least many of us know these clothes don't work. I'm just sorry for the fashion victims.

  9. Minette- I don't have any good explanation for this, so your guess might as well be valid. This shape wasn't designed by someone who appreciate women's bodies and proportions.

  10. Smirking Cat- Just today I was browsing the J. Crew web site and there were several dresses that made the models look heavily pregnant.


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