Thursday, July 24, 2008

Exceptionnel de Chanel: An eMarketing Campaign

Regular readers of this blog know I'm usually a big fan of Chanel makeup. Getting me interested in a new product shouldn't be hard, right?

But watching the ad on Chanel's new Exceptionnel mascara mini-site (turn the volume way down if you're at work) was more annoying than intriguing. From the (really bad) music to the ad copy ("she prepares to perform black magic that'll transform her eyes", "the black that puts the world at your feet". Seriously).

The design of the site is flawed: It doesn't take into account laptop users with smaller screens. I have a 15" widescreen and had to scroll down in search of any possible links to more information. Many would just close the tab quickly to escape the muzak and never know there were application tips and a preview of the entire Exceptionnel collection (not yet available, but looks interesting enough).

Also, a note to the good people of Chanel: your customers are a sophisticated bunch. They want real info about the new formula (what the hell is Volumeplast Complex?) and a better description of the brush (SculptVolume? Can we stop with made-up names?). That brush ballet in the mostly empty Design section (more of the bad music) is not helping.

To add insult to injury, the email newsletter promised "a limited time opportunity for subscribers". The great opportunity, apparently, is being subjected to that ad, because the option to buy the new mascara is readily available to any visitor of the regular Chanel website.

As far as I'm concerned, the great review of the new Givenchy mascara written by Cavewoman for Blogdorf Goodman is a lot more effective in getting me to the store.

Image: Chanel


  1. i agree - i've found lately that ads for makeup and skin care do nothing for me, i just end up thinking of all the marketing people that put the ad together. i probably buy 90% of products after reading excellent reviews on makeupalley or blogs.

  2. Kamo- I think that's the reason blogs are flourishing. I started reading blogs because I couldn't find good info from the regular media. Then I realized I also had something to say...


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