Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beauty Emergency- Running Out Of Eye Primer

On my second day in Paris, I discovered to my horror that I've run out of eye primer. I had a travel size one in my cosmetics case, but apparently I've done just enough travel in previous months to use every drop of it. So there I was in front of the mirror in my hotel room, half dressed, makeup only half done, ready to start my day (and eager for my breakfast of pain au chocolat) but knowing full well that without something to hold my eye makeup, it'd all be gone before my long day of walking, Metro-ing and sniffing perfume is over.

There was a Sephora just across the street from our hotel, but it was still a couple of hours before it was to open. So I went digging in my train case, searching for something that would work in a pinch. It was a Goldilocks moment: everything I checked was either too thin (liquid foundation, liquid concealer) and wouldn't last, or too thick (anything in cream or solid form), until I found the mini Some Kind Of Gorgeous (Benefit Cosmetics). The somewhat weird texture was perfect for my needs and as soon as smoothed a little across my lids I could feel the silky finish and knew it would hold.

And it did. I haven't noticed a difference from wearing a regular primer. My makeup lasted all day through the evening without fading or creasing. Crisis averted and I kept using it all through my vacation.


  1. I'm so envious! I want to be in Paris now...instead of sweltering in the Midwest. Personally everything I've ever used from Benefit turned out to be crap, (Lemon-Aid for eye circle coverup making the top ten list of worst products I've ever used), but I'm happy you discovered something that worked. When are you going to Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido ?

  2. I love Benefit SKOG - what a great texture it has. I just found your blog and look forward to adding it to my daily reading.

  3. That was lucky!

    I've tried several makes of eye primer, and every one of them failed (I must have exceptionally greasy lids or something... ugh).
    Then I found the Urban Decay eyeshadow base. Damn, that stuff stays put! And it makes a great base for powders, creams, even liquids.
    I bulk-buy it!

  4. Barbara- I have about 50% success rate with Benefit. Mostly with their face products. The worst were their regular lip glosses.

  5. Elizabeth- Thank you very much! I'm always happy to hear from new readers.

  6. Tania- I'm also an UD devotee. It makes a huge difference.


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