Monday, July 14, 2008

Stink, Stank, Stunk

Last week I told you about a beauty oopsie I made while traveling. I asked you about your own beauty horror stories and was glad to see there weren't that many. Apparently my readers know better. The best (or worst,depending on your point of view) comes from my mother, who recently decided to make an all-natural scalp revitalizing hair mask. The recipe was simple:

Take one egg yolk, one tbs of freshly grated onion juice and one tbs olive oil. Mix together until emulsified then apply to your hair roots and scalp with
a pastry brush. Leave for 20 minutes and wash hair.

My mom, a beauty savvy non-blonde, says she has no idea what possessed her to put the smelly mixture on her head. She suffered quietly the whole 20 minutes before rushing to wash it off. The problem? Even double rinsing and using a proper hair mask didn't make the smell go away. It haunted her till the next day, turning her stomach frequently. She was too traumatized to even notice any benefits to her scalp.

What's the worst smelling thing you ever applied to your hair? Did it work?



  1. Weak vinegar solution, but the smell washes right out. Then there was that time I put mayonnaise in my hair...

  2. second on the mayo- I tired it (homemade, thanks, which would have been sooooo much better in crudite) and I think my hair was neither long enough nor dry enough to need that treatment, and still isn't. I was sandwichy for a week!

    My friend Bitsy is going to love that "Stink Stank Stunk" is catching on...

  3. I second the vinegar, gaaa

  4. I pretty much stank of malt vinegar throughout my early school days - we had little money, and my mum washed our hair with cheap carbolic soap and rinsed with vinegar.
    As soon as I had enough pocket money to buy a nice-smelling shampoos, I said goodbye to vinegar for good. Never mind the shine, I didn't want to smell like chips!

  5. mayonnaise. GAG.


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