Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chanel Fall 2008 Glossimer Amberlight

Before we move on to the other lip color trend for fall, deep brown, let's have a look at one of the limited edition glossimers: Amberlight (114). The other colors were too light for me (Delight is a pale, silvery lilac and Gold Light is a perfect match for the Gold Fiction nail polish), so I picked this deeper golden caramel shade. It looks more bronze in the tube, but when applied the effect is very transparent, and it has more of a glow than a shimmer.

It can be worn alone, especially if your natural lip color is not as dark as mine. I prefer it over a lipstick and have been layering it with Dior Must See Mauve for a stunning candle-lit effect, which means I'm not saving it for fall. It's a good thing that by October we'll have the holiday collections, because I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's been wearing fall colors in July.

Chanel Glossimers ($26) are available at your local department stores from Macy's and up, and online. I ordered mine directly from Chanel's website.

Photos: mine. A somewhat reluctant model: Kosh.


  1. Your kitties just preen in front of the camera...

  2. Gorgeous shade!

    Is that what you call a "Glamour Puss?" ;-)

  3. Your kitties are to die for! So cuddly, so mighty fine! Puuuuuuurrrr.....

  4. See, when I let my poodle play with my makeup, it's not nearly as cute.

  5. Thanks, everyone!
    I'm such a lousy photographer, so I decided the best I can do is distract you with my beasties.


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