Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What To Wear On A Plane?

A couple of months ago I read Nina Garcia's Little Black Book Of Style. It had a section of short interviews with famous designers and other prominent fashion figures that I found a bit lacking. It was too full with recycled cliches of the kind you find in magazines, but I still read it from beginning to end, hoping one of these luminaries would say something inspiring.

The question of what to wear on a plane was presented to two designers: Donatella Versace and Michael Kors. While Donatella managed to lament the days of dressing up for travel, say something about the importance of being comfortable and avoid actually answering the question, Michael Kors had some practical advice for us:
A black cashmere turtleneck and white jeans and huge sunglasses.


I don't know about you, but I'm just enough of a germaphobe to feel that clothes I wear when flying are dirty and full of ick, and somehow, international travel is not when I want to engage in finding a good dry cleaning place. And I'd rather wear my white jeans when actually on vacation than find a laundry service.

I do like to be comfortable on a plane, especially on excruciatingly long international flights, but ratty sweats (or even nice ones) are not something I'd wear in public. My choice is black yoga pants, which I'm fussy enough to buy a new pair or two just before my trips, to make sure they are very black and not even a bit faded. I pair them with soft (but washable) wrap tops and take a zip-up yoga jacket. It might not be the jet-set glamorous style of the old days, but still a flattering and effortless look.

I'll confess to wearing flip-flops at the airport. It makes taking them off and putting them back on in the security check (while struggling to gather and re-assemble the content of my purse, passport, laptop and various other items) much easier and saves some fumbling. Later, when finally seated, I slather some foot cream (L'Occitane) and put on a pair of thick cotton socks.

Michael Kors can keep his huge sunglasses.



  1. I'm sorry - White jeans?! On a PLANE?! Has the excess self-tanner finally penetrated Michael Kors' brain and caused hallucinations? I would love to see what HE wears on trips.

    I like your idea of the stylish yoga pants. It's a look that works for almost anyone as well as being comfy.

  2. I've always adored people their white jeans stay snow white for 17 years without even washing it - I manage the same for exactly 17 seconds...
    And therefore sorry but no white clothing for travels for me...

  3. Flora- Wouldn't it be hilarious if we found out he wears old Juicy sweats?

  4. Lady Jane- I'm with you. Grime finds me and my whites while still at the security line.

  5. Great advice! I love packing and preparing for travel. I'm also the yoga pants and jacket kind of gal.

    have a great weekend,

  6. I agree with flora about the white jeans. Also, whoever wrote that article has got to be kidding me ... or she is one of the blessed ones who travels 1st class. If you travel economy, like me, the last thing you want to do is wear your fineries, especially on long trips.

    Me, I wear my fatigues and that's it. Heck, they treat me like cattle, I might as well look the part.

  7. any thoughts of glamorous travel that might make me want to look like jackie o on an airplane are completely destroyed once i get to the airport. (i just flew back from spain two days ago...)


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