Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Suave Body Wash

The good news is that your drugstore has body washes that are actually kind to your skin. The bad news is that the scents still leave a lot to be desired.

I had some hope for Suave Exhale body wash in lavender-vanilla. The packaging reminded me of the lavender vanilla laundry detergent and softener I use for my bed sheets (they make the cats smell great after a snuggling session). It's not a high achievement of perfumery, but I still enjoy it. I hoped the body wash would be similar. It isn't. In fact, the lavender is faint, the vanilla is very synthetic, and you need to use quite a bit of the product to even smell it. It's harmless, but definitely not aromatherapy-worthy.

Still, the body wash is very mild and doesn't dry out my skin. I like the way it produces a gentle foam that just glides off. My husband, though, reports that its cleaning power is questionable. While my requirements from a shower product is that it leaves my skin soft and not itchy, a man with underarm hair needs something that washes deodorant leftovers out (apologies for the mental image). Exhale didn't perform on that front.

The other Suave product I received was the Daily Exfoliating body wash. This one did an impressive job reviving and moisturizing my skin, but the (strong) scent can only be described as tropical hell. It's really a shame, because it feels wonderfully luxurious and my skin only needed the lightest lotion afterwards. It's just the fragrance that ruins the experience.

Both body washes were a PR freebie. You can find them at your local drugstore and online for $3.49 each.


  1. So now you have me curious. What body wash has your husband found does wash out that hot summer underarm smell? I've been using cheap body wash and within the last few weeks noticed a much harder time getting out the...evidence of hard manual labor.

  2. Scented cats! Three cheers for scented cats. As a kid, I could tell if my mother had been smoking by sniffing our beloved kitties, and I imagine lavender would be quite a treat.

    I know you were asking Gaia, but my armpit funk secret is Johnson's Clean and Clear. Triclosan, the antibacterial agent is best used sparingly (for health and environmental reasons), but it keeps my face and pits (and husband's pits) spick and span.

  3. Brian, my husband is happily raiding my Korres bottles. The Basil-Lemon was a great success and he also likes the Guava (doesn't smell fruity at all. It's a woody scent).

  4. The Oblitterati- I had a similar experience as a kid. Our cat had long hair which often smelled of my mother: smoke and Chloe.
    Mine smell of clean laundry, lavender and Serge Lutens...


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