Friday, February 12, 2010 is spoiling Project Runway Finale's Facebook followers just had the most unpleasant surprise. Someone at Bluefly had the brilliant idea to report from the Project Runway Season 7 Fashion Week Finale. Including photos. And at least one name of the finalists. They didn't preface it with a spoiler alert (unlike the Twitter updates from Project Runway that warn about any link that might include spoilers) as you see above (I blurred the contestant's name), so we couldn't have avoided the unwanted info.

I don't know about anyone else, but I promptly unjoined Bluefly's fan group before they tell me who wins. Auf Wiedersehen, Bluefly.

Edit: Here's my Twitter conversation with

the_non_blonde:  @bluefly_com What's with the Project Runway spoilers on Facebook? I had to stop following you.
bluefly_com: don't know who the winner is; just a show recap.
the_non_blonde @bluefly_com: The names of the finalists are still considered spoilers. It totally kills the hype.
bluefly_com: all contestants still on the show showed.
the_non_blonde @bluefly_com: After last night's episode there are still 11 contestants. Giving the names of any finalist who went to Bryant Park is a spoiler.
bluefly_com: apologies!


  1. 'Giving the names of any finalist who went to Bryant Park is a spoiler.'

    Too true! Why would they do that?! You'd think at least one person would have sufficient common sense to realize it was a disastrous idea.

    xoxo, Scarlett

  2. The final 10 showed at Bryant Park, making spoilers closet to impossible, no?


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