Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Paul & Joe Eye Gloss (03 Moonlight, 05 Murmur)

The last time I visited the Paul & Joe counter at Bergdorf I was taken quite a bit out of my comfort zone and tried several colors and textures I usually avoid. Feeling adventurous has definitely paid off, because I found a couple of items that subtly broadened my color spectrum without looking freakish. The Eye Glosses were among them.

Now, neither one is really an everyday color, especially not Moonlight, the silvery lavender, though used responsibly Murmur can actually enhance a daytime look. But both make for an easy upgrade from day to night with a single wand stroke. It doesn't hurt that the colors are very pretty and the texture- a thin gel that dries into a soft powder- feels silky and luxurious. The Eye Glosses can be used on their own as I've showed in the first swatch, by my preference is to apply them on top of a neutral colored matte eye shadow for a more subtle and grownup look. Moonlight loses most of its purple undertone if applied over taupe or brown. I also discovered that it makes plum and purple eye shadows look better- I have purple issues and this eye gloss helps with them by eliminating the bruising effect.

In the second swatch I applied both Moonlight and Murmur over Bobbi Brown Flint- a matte taupe, and smudged a little with my finger. This is how I usually wear the Paul & Joe glosses, but the sponged wand works perfectly fine. I just prefer a thinner layer. I've an eye primer under the eye shadow in the pictures just as I would in real life. It prevents any possibility of shimmer fallout and keeps everything in place for long hours.

Bottom line: A bit young looking but perfect for date night.

Paul & Joe Eye Glosses ($24 each)  are available from Bergdorf Goodman as well as online from beautyhabit.com.

Photos and raw wrists: all mine.


  1. Murmur - what a pretty color. Officially makes my want list...a list that grows by the day after reading all the beauty blogs!

  2. Why couldn't Chanel's eye gloss have been like this?

  3. A lot of Asian bloggers also use the eye glosses in lieu of cream eyeshadow bases: underneath powders, they offer a really nice hint of shimmer and (depending on your color pairing) sometimes a bit of duochrome effect.


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