Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chantecaille Lip Contour Fill

I'm pretty sure Chantecaille Lip Contour Fill is going to end up on my Best Of 2010 list.

It looks like a chubby lip pencil and is labeled as a solution for lipstick feathering caused by wrinkles around the mouth. I bought it because I was looking for a product that can fill the tiny scar on my bottom lip that causes many lipsticks to pool in that space and ruin the look. Using most regular balms can be helpful, but it also affects the lipstick's performance, especially by diluting the pigment.

Chantecaille Lip Contour Fill can be used all over the lip surface as well as for contouring. It's invisible and doesn't leave any goopy residue. The pencil feels very comfortable and gel-like, but it's not wet or goopy and you can apply any lip product right away. I've tested it under a dozen lipsticks so far and the results have been outstanding. It really fills the scar and any other imperfection, making the lip surface very smooth. It actually feels moisturizing without ruining a matte lip color. The pencil significantly improves the look of any lipstick- lips appear smoother and more pillowy. I don't think it improves the actual staying power of any color product, but whatever you apply simply looks better.

Bottom line: A holy grail.

Chantecaille Lip Contour Fill ($28) is available from top department store and the company's website. I bought it at Bergdorf Goodman.

Photos by me, feline assistant: Kosh


  1. Dear Gaia,
    I just bought this online from BG. I couldn't help it.
    I don't know if it was your usual precision in writing
    or the easy visualization of the photos
    or the cat's furry tail
    or the appeal of a cremey toast color lip crayon.., I don't know~~
    I will let you know how I like it.
    I bet I will love it.Thank you for highlighting this welcome product .

  2. Anyone!! Will this keep gloss in place on aging lips?


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