Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chantecaille Le Stylo Liquid Eye Liner (Brown)

You will never catch me not wearing an eyeliner. Never ever, not in a million years. It's my absolute must-have makeup item, even more than mascara. I try everything and have quite a collection of liners in every shape and form, but the felt tip pens might be my favorites- they're easy to apply and tote around with no need for an extra brush. The quality of stylo pens varies greatly between brands. I was sorely disappointed with the one Nars launched last season and delightfully surprised with Smashbox.

Chantecaille Le Stylo joins the ranks of the greatest eyeliner pens. The felt tip is excellent- thin enough to draw the most precise line and stay as close to the lashes as possible. You can also tilt it a little for a thicker look. It feels gentle, doesn't pull or tug and dries instantly. The color stays put from the early AM until late at night with no smudging, creasing or flaking, and at least in the case of Brown, the color's integrity is never compromised.

I have enough black eyeliners at the moment so I went for brown. This is a medium shade, a bit sheer and at least on my skin it has an almost khaki quality. It's not dramatic enough for evening, but makes an excellent daytime look that doesn't steal the show from my lashes or any other part I want to enhance. I like it and wear it often because it's so easy and neutral, but I'm pretty sure this brown would look better on a lighter skin tone and be really stunning on blondes.

Bottom line: Next time I'm buying this Chantecaille eyeliner in black.

Chantecaille Le Stylo Liquid Eye Line ($26) is available from top department stores. I bought mine at Bergdorf Goodman.

All photos by me with the assistance of Kosh.


  1. I very much liked the handling of this eye liner, but unfortunately there must be something mutually exclusive with my eyes in there : I always got a bad conjunctivitis after I used it...

  2. I wish I could afford more of these products you review. They seem fantastic, but one $26 lipstick a year is a splurge for me. Then again, I'm spending plenty of perfume, so it's just a matter of choice. :)

  3. YAY! Gaia, I have missed the four-legged models!

    I could almost say that omitting them has been a "four-paw faux pas."

    I have been reading and enjoying this site for some time, and also want to thank you for introducing me to The Perfumed Court. I really am not interested in makeup or clothing, but scent and skin care do interest me.


    Lawrence in Ohio

  4. I've finally discovered what a difference good brushes and practice makes with eyeliner, and now it's part of my essential routine: powder still holds the top spot, but eyeliner follows closely.

    I'm going to have to find a good waterproof formula before the summer heat really hits. I hate mascara in the summer, and nice eyeliner can do a lot more for my eyes (especially behind glasses) than heavy mascara.

  5. Yep - that liner is stunning on blondes!

    How do you get your cats to pose? Savannah would be afraid of a camera, and Charleston is bored with makeup - unless he wants to knock it off the counter!

  6. Agree: liner over mascara, any day.

  7. My fave is the Lancome Art Liner, but I haven't tried this for thought.


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