Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lancome Color Design Eye Shadow (Luring)

Some of the most interesting eye shadow palettes are the ones featuring one stunning bright color among a bunch of perfect neutrals that enhance it. Last season we've seen some gorgeous greens and rich blue colors and they are still going strong. Many spring and summer collections (Summer? What summer? My back yard still has about 10" of snow on the ground) this year offer a lighter version- some version of baby blue, pale aqua or a porcelain blue. Originally I was interested in one of the new Giorgio Armani Nude Contrasts plaettes, but after testing at Saks (and getting annoyed by the SA) I wasn't too impressed- it was too light and the effect on my skin was a bit chalky. It'd be much better on a redhead.

But I was still interested to find that perfect shimmery almost-blue color, so when I received a Lancome GWP compact (which means I have several new Lancome items to talk about this week) and found Luring as one of the eye shadows there I was thrilled. This was exactly what I wanted.

Luring, despite the color swatch on Lancome's website, is more blue than gray. It has a pearl-like sheen that catches the light very nicely and looks very pretty against olive skin and brown eyes. The way I apply it is almost like an eyeliner- a medium width swipe on the lid, just above the lashes (I use a dark eyeliner and draw a very thin line). I don't extend the blue color- not towards the brow bone and not to the outer corner- to avoid a retro look (see Jean Shrimpton in the 1960-something photo above). I just want a pop of color that has this promise of warmer days to come.

Texture-wise, Color Design is not the softest or most luxurious thing ever. You can see it even in the photo I took. Luring is of decent quality, it stays on over a primer from morning to night and looks pretty. It's just not as rich and silky as I'd have liked. Then again what do they say about horses, teeth and gifts?

Bottom line: It satisfied a craving. What more can I ask?

Lancome Color Design single eye shadows ($17) are available from every department store under the sun ans

Product pictures by me, vintage photo of Jean Shrimpton from

And just for fun, here's Cary Brothers on stage singing Blue Eyes during the Hotel Cafe world tour in 2005. I saw him and the others that year at Maxwell's in Hoboken and it was a fabulous show. Joshua Radin was pretty anonymous (and very cute) back then and Tom McRae was his usual drunken but talented self. I wish they'd come back.


  1. I'd like some free horse teeth!

  2. Great video - I'm a big Tom McRae fan - and is that the insanely talented Kevin Devine (complete with Purdey haircut) singing backing vocals too?! K-Dev didn't play the Hotel Cafe in the UK unfortunately.


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