Monday, February 08, 2010

Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss (Merlot and Ruby Red)

I bought these two Bobbi Brown Rich Color glosses when they first came out months ago, took a few pictures (the outdoor ones, which sharp eyed readers and my mother would notice are still from the old house), added them to my regular rotation but somehow never got  to actually reporting on them. I blame it on all the seasonal limited edition items that take all the limelight. The Color Rich range is definitely deserving some attention, as it belongs to the growing trend of high moisture-high pigment lip products that border on the liquid lipstick line but are easier to use without getting tons of color on one's teeth.

The Rich Color glosses are stickier than Bobbi Brown's regular glosses, but are also more hydrating so it can be forgiven. I like any product that makes my lips feel plumped  up with moisture. The color pay-off is impressing and the coverage is almost lipstick worthy. It doesn't survive the first cup of tea and there's no staining left on the lips, so you have to reapply quite frequently, but that's the only issue.

The colors I have are Merlot, which the Bobbi Brown website accurately describes as "chocolate rum", and Ruby Red which is more of a red plum. Merlot can be a bit too brown (depending on outfit and other makeup choices), so I often mix it with pink glosses. Ruby Red is gorgeous and wearable on its own day or night. I can actually see myself running out of this color quickly (Bobbi's gloss tubes are thankfully small, so I'm never stuck with a three year old product that is almost full) and repurchasing.

Bottom line: A staple. I could use more colors.

Bobbi Bron Rich Color Gloss ($20) is available from most department stores and online. I bought mine at Bloomingdale's.

All photos by me.


  1. I see they are using a sponge applicator instead of their brushes that don't hold up well. Did they change them on the regular glosses too?

  2. Trish, last time I checked they still had the old stiff brush for the regular glosses I think also for the shimmer ones). I wish they'd improve them.

  3. I think that is the main reason why I do not buy Bobbi Brown glosses - the wand applicator. One use of the brush applicator and it just splays out thereafter...annoying.

  4. I love the Merlot! Beautiful color.


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