Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Chanel Allure Sensuelle

Allure Sensuelle is one of those scents I've learned to only test when I have access to hot running water, preferably when I know I can go and shower it off the minute I've had enough. This should tell you that this Jacques Polge creation for Chanel's mainstream range and I do not get along too well. It's not that Allure Sensuelle is such a bad scent. It isn't. It's actually well-made for what it is. But I'm not a friend of the fruit-patchouli genre and I find this particular approach to "sensuality" too obvious, heavy-handed and just cloying. It's suppose to make the wearer smell "yummy" and thus attract her suitor. If I were the philosophical type I might have been musing about the connection between the perfumes and the instant gratification of the hookup culture. But I'm not, and my interest in the relationship woes of Generation Y is extremely limited. I just wish they'd wear better perfumes.

My problem with Allure Sensuelle starts with the opening notes. Something there is trying too hard to smell fresh and young, resulting in an ozonic fruit, possibly a melon. I don't think it's Calone, because it's not that awful, just unappealing to me. Then there's the fruity-floral accord that would have been more tolerable without that overripe peach. That's the part that two times out of three sends me scrubbing. On a good day I can smell what's left of Chanel's classic refinement and appreciate the good intentions. On a bad day I just want to scream.

The drydown is easier for me to stomach. The vanilla is too sweet and there's a patchouli overload that reminds me of the original Prada, but things calm down and get a bit smoother. Still, the best part of being finally done with this review is that I can now go take a shower and not test Allure Sensuelle ever again.

Allure Sensuelle ($80, 1.7 oz EDP) can be found at Chanel counters everywhere and on chanel.com. I've had several samples from Sephora and various department stores.

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  1. Awhile back the DH gave me a quarter ounce of the perfume for my birthday. (He was easy pickings for the SA's in those days.) I wear it from time to time just to please him, but I'm not crazy about that melony note either. Have you ever bought an exotic melon like a Korean water melon? Just one is capable of scenting the whole house as it ripens, and not in a good way. AS reminds me a bit of that. But, it is long-lasting and the drydown is better, so it redeems itself a bit on that score.

  2. Hi!
    So sorry to hear you hate Allure Sensuelle...It is one of my favorite EdP, but only in winter (too heavy for summer); don't you think it might be because it does not agree with your skin ?(I can't use Chanel n° 19, it is awful on me but wonderful on my sister!!!)
    I have discovered your blog two months ago and I do enjoy it so much: I enjoy your comments and I love the presentation too, it is so beautiful and refined! I'll keep in touch, though we differ about AS!!! sorry if my english is rusty, I am French...

  3. Ooh, Allure Sensuelle is loud, noisy, obnoxious in the beginning, isn't it? I hated it at first, but it the dry-down is rich and boozy and every single time I wear it, I get compliments. It has remarkable sillage and lasting power. I find it superior to Coco Mademoiselle (a cloying mess on me).

  4. Allure Sensuelle is sophisticated and an invisible magnet to all whom smell it
    when they are exposed. This scent is like an pheromone for my being. To All in any situation. Body Chemistry and perfume go hand in hand. Not all are suited for this perfume. However, if one is; this perfume is Powerful.


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