Monday, February 15, 2010


Here's the inspiration for the look Francois Nars created for the runway on Marc Jacobs' Fashion Week show:
"I wanted the models to have a dirty look as if the hair and makeup had been slept in,"
~Marc Jacobs

“This look is what you’d see on a girl from the East Village or St. Germain des Pres-an existentialist with a modern twist. These girls are sexy and cool. Their makeup looks dirty and worn out as if it has been on all night but still translates beautifully on the runway.”
~Francois Nars

I guess I'm too old to get inspired by girls who stay up all night and sleep in their makeup.

Face chart and information: Nars PR.


  1. that's because it take about three hours hard labor to make that look presentable and not walk-of-shame...

  2. Sleeping in your makeup gives you bad skin. Sorry Marc Jacobs, acne isn't sexy.

  3. I think it's ironic that, while working in a profession that is devoted to enhancing femenine beauty, there are a number of men who like nothing better than to render women ugly. Sometimes when I see runway pictures, the makeup and hair reveal an anger and hatred of women that is almost palpable. I think such looks are disturbing; not sexy.

  4. I do so agree with you,Gaia and Eileen too ! and there isn't anything beautiful about those looks!
    By the way, even the products NARS/Marc JACOBis are very disapponting....


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