Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anne Koplik Designs at Klay Gallery

We're having a serious demonstration of April Showers the last couple of days, but Saturday was gorgeous and as springy as they come. It was a perfect day to walk the streets of Nyack, NY, and visit antique stores, galleries and my favorite patisserie on this side of the Atlantic, Didier Dumas.

Another high point was Klay Gallery on 65 South Broadway. Most of the space is dedicated to pottery and there are some gorgeous pieces there, all handmade and at least semi-local. There's also a selection of the cutest baby items- clothes, blankets and toys, including tiny crocheted sleepers (including in boy colors). And jewelry...

Anne Koplik Designs is a small family business from Brewster, NY, that has steadily built a reputation and an impressive client list. This necklace called to me with its happy spring colors and cute details. The flowers were enameled by hand, but unlike other enamel pieces I have, this necklace is very lightweight. The chain is very casual and almost rough-looking, which is the only thing I might have changed, but it looks great either with a sun-dress or a simple white tank top.

Anne Koplik has a website (annekopik.com) that needs quite a bit of spiffing up to do the jewelry any justice. As I said above, I bought the necklace ($58) at the Klay Gallery in Nyack, NY.

Photos and neck are all mine.

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