Friday, April 16, 2010

Scents That Sing: "Spring!"

Living in the Northeast gives one a deep appreciation of spring. After months of hibernation and eating too much pasta, the first sighting of forsythia and daffodils makes me deliriously happy, much like Maria above. Since singing in public might get me arrested for endangering the innocent, a blogging project is a much better alternative. Many thanks to Ayala Sender for organizing this, and here are my scents that sing: "Spring!"...

1. Annick Goutal- Grand Amour
Romance and hyacinth. It's very French and exquisitely beautiful.

2. Hilde Soliani- Il Tuo Tulipano
Like the red tulips in my back yard, this is pure joy. Exuberance that sends you back to better days.

3. Niki de Saint-Phalle
While the marigold note is more summer than spring, the many facets of bitter greens feel like rolling in the newly grown stems and leaves.

4. CB I Hate Perfume- I Am A Dandelion
Don't let the humble flower or the innocent top notes fool you. As the scent warms up on your skin it brings all the parts of the plant and also the lawn, sans pollen and allergy.

5. JAR- Jarling
It took me several tries and smelling it on other skin to get beyond the almond hand cream and into the middle of a 3-D lilac bush. Lace and longing on a warm night.

6. Ralph Lauren- Lauren (original formula)
It's not just the scent of our youth, it's also green, violet and unspoiled (as long as you skip the reformulation).

Visit these blogs to see which perfumes make my friends do cartwheels on their front lawn:

Spring fashion Ladies' Home Journal, May 1960,
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  1. I love Nikki de St Phalle-it's one of my favorite chypres. Today in celebration of a warm SF spring day-I'm wearing Annick Goutal's eau de Camille. Lovely green honeysuckle and seringa notes. Just what I needed today!

  2. The demise of RL Lauren ::sobs:: I have a vintage bottle I bought from my favorite BNer (xmen) which I will cherish forever.

    Forever. Do you remember that Judy Blume book? Scandalous! The last few god.

    Its obvious I need to get Nikki de St. Phalle. I've never tried it (I know, I'm such a perfumista-wanna-be but can't keep up.)

  3. Original Lauren is a great pick for spring - I was lucky to pick up a mini on Ebay recently. And I love Grand Amour too, although it is sadly fleeting on me. Getting curious about Nikki de St Phalle as that is a new one on me. The dandelion one sounds fun and I do like her dress!


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