Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chantecaille Les Dauphins Palette

I'm behind on reviewing Chantecaille Les Dauphins Palette, so I figured I'd better do it now when this limited edition beauty is still available. Chantecaille is known for making little treasures that you're reluctant to use because they are so pretty. It took me months to treat the La Baleine Bleue as a regular part of my makeup inventory, but I was more ready this time. I already knew the metallic color of the dolphins is just an over-spray that goes away the first time you swirl a brush over it. You're still left with a very nice embossed form, so it's not too bad, but I still wish it was more than a gimmick.

The palette comes in a very sleek gunmetal case and a satin pouch. Chantecaille makes sure the products look and feel luxurious without excess and overpackaging and I appreciate that. Inside you will find three eye shadow colors- a very light beige pink highlighter/base and two taupe/gray eye shadows. One is considered as a definer that can be used for lining, but it's not quite dark enough for me, so I use it on the lid and in the crease like any regular eye shadow. The fourth item is a delicate warm pink blush. It's probably the lightest blush I own and the swatch on my arm is barely detectable, but my face is several shades lighter (note to self: must use more sunblock on every exposed body part) and the blush looks very pretty and natural. It warms up the complexion without looking like makeup.

Every color in Les Dauphins Palette is made of two shades you mix together with your brush. In theory you can probably control and adjust how much of each you use, but I find it's not very convenient  and just swipe the brush over both. The texture is very fine, soft and blendable. The pigment isn't intense in any of the colors and neither is the shimmer. The result is a very neutral and sheer daytime look. I pair it with a dark eyeliner, black mascara and dark mauve lipsticks to make sure I don't look washed out. Those of you on the porcelain side of skin tones should not have such an issue- the warm pink would look very lively on you.

Chantecaille Les Dauphins Palette ($77. Five percent of the sale of this compact will be donated to help save the last dolphins in Greece) is available right now from top department stores, at the counters and online. I ordered mine from Neiman Marcus.

All photos by me.

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