Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chanel Ombre Essentielle Eye Shadow (Bois Bleu and Safari)

When it comes to Chanel eye shadows, the quads and sets are the one getting all the attention, while the single eye shadows are unjustly left behind. The Ombre Essentielle range is worth trying, and from my experience the color payoff is often better than in some of the quads. The texture is silky soft without crumbling and easy to blend. I love the finish I get from them- both the subtle wash when applied dry and the rich intensity you see when used with a damp brush (see the swatches). It's also buildable enough for contouring.

A few seasons ago I fell in love with Le Bronze (#73) but had my eye on the other color released with it, Bois Bleu (#74) which I only bought recently during my quest for the perfect non-navy blue. I think I found it here. Bois Bleu is not quite teal but has a bit of green in it to make the color stand out.

Safari (#45) is a Chanel classic. It's one of those colors that are extremely hard to capture on camera. A complex satin taupe that goes everywhere and with almost anything. If I had to pick just one Chanel eye shadow from this range, I think Safari would be the one because of its versatility.

I find that using an eye primer is a must with the Ombre Essentielle shadows. They're very soft and need something to boost their grab on the lid. Chanel actually has a new eye primer in a pen which I'm very curious about, so expect a review soon.

Chanel Ombre Essentielle Eye Shadows ($28.50 each) are available from most decent department stores as well as online. I bought mine at Saks.

All photos by me. 


  1. I love Safari :) Bois Blue is incredible but I'm too chicken to pull it off. I still have MAC Birds and Berries sitting in the box wondering how in the world am I going to pull that color off.

    Great swatches!

  2. Bois Bleu is one of my favorites. It is such an unusual shade. Sabrina, be fearless! Bois Bleu is nothing like the MAC. It can be applied in a very subtle manner to add a bit of color and smokiness to a neutral eye. I'm 62 and can get away with it! Gaia has often commented on using teal and greens with neutrals. That's the secret to making it work for those of us who don't want all out color. Give it a try.

  3. Now that's a classy blue, very lovely.


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