Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chemical Bonding by Ineke

Chemical Bonding plays games with the sniffer from the very beginning. First comes the name, which might make one think about weird industrial notes, sterile labs and maybe a solemn and somber atmosphere inside grey walls. Then you spray it and get such a strong blast of lemon you want to make sure you didn't misread the label on this perfume.

The brightness is the main element in Ineke's Chemical Bonding. When the sharp citrus notes calms down you find yourself sitting in an open and airy breakfast room early on a weekend morning. The place is airy and the sunlight fills it through the open window. You're having lemon tea while looking outside, taking in the scenery and smelling the fresh cut flowers and mixed berries from the handmade white ceramic vase and bowl on the table.

Just as you think Chemical Bonding is a lighthearted fruity floral that is all about freshness, you start smelling the human element. The ambery musk makes you aware of your skin- the warmth of the sun as it caresses you, what it feels like to be touched, the dense and velvety texture and its smell.

You're ready to start your day.

Chemical Bonding ($88, 75 ml EDP) is the third fragrance by San Francisco based artisan Ineke Ruhland. It's available from beautyhabit and Liberty London, as well as directly from the perfumer's website ( I bought the sample set of all 6 scents from this line ($25 at the stores mentioned above).

Art: Lemon Tea by Susan Asworth

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