Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Serge Lutens- Sa Majeste La Rose

It doesn't get any rosier than Serge Lutens' Sa Majeste La Rose. This perfume is a round, full and dewy rose. It feels ripe and so realistic you can almost touch and even taste the flower, which has an optimistic and unexpected honeyed apple note. As far as rose soliflores go, Uncle Serge (and Christopher Sheldrake, his apostle) might have created the perfect scent here. My problem is that I don't get along with so much rose- it becomes too sour on my skin and loses most of the other notes in the process.

But on good chemistry days I actually get more from Sa Majeste La Rose, including a hint of wood and a very musky drydown that makes it a lot sexier than I ever expected. I wish it would develop like this every single time, instead of forcing me to layer this rose with other Serge Lutens perfumes to ward off the sourness. Not that layering Sa Majeste is not fun. Actually, sometimes it seems this scent was meant just for that. I've gone through countless of samples just experimenting and enjoying how nicely it plays with almost every other Lutens (just avoid Borneo. That combination was a disaster). Ambre Sultan is an obvious choice, but other good combinations include Un Bois Vanille, Fleurs d'Oranger, Miel de Bois (if you dare) and Clair de Musc. Separately.

Sa Majeste La Rose ($120, 50 ml) is available from all the usual suspects that sell Serge Luten's export range. My samples came with various other purchases, mostly from Aedes.

Photo: Into A Sea Of Dew by MissyV110 on flickr


  1. I love Rose scents, I can't believe I've never sniffed Mr Lutens' interpretation. I do like the idea of layering this with Clair de Musc, that sounds like a really pretty combination.

  2. "Separately."


    Because you know, somewhere out there in the perfume-obsessed world, someone would have tried...

  3. Have you tried his A la Nuit? The perfect jasmine scent. Hard to beat.

  4. I adore rose but this isn't a favourite actually, strangely as I do live Serge

  5. This is a great combo - thanks for the tip. This combo reminds me a lot of Lyric for Men, without the frankincense influence. I'm definately going to try more layering of Uncle's frags.

  6. What a coincidence. When I first tried SMLR at the counter, as well as Clair de Musc, I couldn't decide which it was that I loved more. And then I realised it was the combination that I was loving, from my left wrist, and my right wrist. So I bought both bottles and have been layering them together ever since, for years now!


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