Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lancome Color Fever Shine Lipstick (Old Flame)

This tube of Lancome Color Fever Shine lipstick was a GWP (I can't remember if it came from a department store or, as you can see from the plain black packaging instead of the regular one*. I rarely have much luck with gift-with-purchase lipsticks because they tend to be either nude colors or very light, but Old Flame looked like it had some potential, so I kept it.

Color Fever Shine lipsticks (I have it in Simmering hiding in one of my purses)  are very comfortable and easy to wear because of their light weight. They are not sticky at all despite the almost oily texture (that's where the intense shine comes from). The glossy finish is pretty and not too shimmery, so it's daytime appropriate. There's an adequate moisture level so my lips don't get parched underneath, but its not as luxurious and pampering as the new lipsticks from some of the top brands, and there's no added benefit to the lips. The staying power is not impressive and I find myself leaving lip prints everywhere unless I'm filling the entire lip with a lip pencil underneath, which helps the lipstick hold.

Old Flame is a warm mauve. I suspect that like you see  in the swatch, if you have very pale lips you'll notice more of the brown base. My lips are much darker than my wrist and have a distinct purple tone that neutralizes the brown. The result is a very natural looking color, but because of the high shine it looks like I'm wearing an almost sheer gloss. I reach for it when I don't have the time or patience to make sure my lipstick doesn't clash with anything else I'm wearing and don't mind to reapply as often as needed.

Lancome Color Fever Shine Lipstick ($25) is available from every Lancome counter under the horrible department store lights as well as online. I mentioned above that this tube was a free GWP.

Photos by me.

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  1. I have received some nice lipsticks in Lancome GWPs. I appreciate the range of shades over the years,and I like to have some to give away to friends when the color is nice, but doesn't work well for me.

    Old Flame looks great on your arm!


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