Monday, April 19, 2010

Giorgio Armani Lip Wax (No. 6 Deep Chianti)

Two years ago, Giorgio Armani Lip Wax was one of the most hyped lip product of the moment. It was probably because the texture and format were (and still are) quite different than most lip colors on the market- a waxy lip color in a pot with a matte finish, buildable pigment and an impressive staying power. For some reason (probably my preference for the more hygienic tubes) I skipped it at the time. But a while ago I was playing with some other pretties at my local Armani counter and also tried the waxes (the service there still sucks, but at least that time I was actually happy to be left alone and had no pressing questions for the SAs).

I liked the color of #6, Deep Chianti, and was impressed with its resilience- the lip wax seemed smudge resistant and as non-bleeding as possible, which I really appreciate in red lipsticks. Those were reasons enough to add the Armani lip wax to my ever-growing arsenal of reds.

That was at least six months ago. The reason I haven't reviewed this product until now was that I wasn't using it frequently enough. As much as I love the color, the long lasting stain it leaves on my lips, and the fact it doesn't transfer to cups and water bottles, it's also drying and ends up flaking and feathering. I'm in a constant battle against dry lips, and the wax, despite the initial protective barrier it forms on the lips, ends up sapping the moisture out of them.

As for the color, #6 looks quite menacing in the pot. However, it's a lot more sheer than you'd expect, and while the depth can reach some dramatic heights if you use two or three coats, the basic is a very wearable wine color that is quite flattering against olive skin.

I also bought the Armani lip brush. It's not retractable but has a protective cap, so it's still convenient even on the go. The brush is soft enough and is a good tool for my other Giorgio Armani red lipsticks- application is smooth and precise, so it was a good purchase.

Bottom line: Good intentions and pigments do not a good lipstick make.

Giorgio Armani Lip Wax ($27) and lip brush ($25) are available from Saks, Barneys and select Nordstrom locations, as well as online. I bought them at my local Saks.

All photos by me.


  1. I agree. I'm one of the biggest Armani fans on earth, but Lip Wax is drying. I've never been inspired to write about it.

  2. Whoever thought of calling a lip colour product Lip Wax too? It sounds like a depilator.

    The Shiseido matte sheer lipsticks do this kind of finish without being drying.

  3. @Charlestongirl - you cannot be the biggest fan, I am ;-) and I agree also - they are just bad, my lips looked awfull and I consider it not wearable. The colours and the staying power are nice though.
    But - thank you for the Shiseido matte sheer liptsick tip. Will try them, they have always very flattering shades.


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