Thursday, April 08, 2010

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick (Vendome 25 and Talisman 27)

A few weeks ago I had an email conversation about red lipsticks with Trish from Scent Hive. I just started testing several of the new Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks and was all about Vendome (#25) that day. Trish recommended Talisman (#27) as a wearable but strong warm red. I already bought Talisman but had yet to even take a photo, not to mention actually wear it. Trish was right. The next day I took the comparison photos you see here and started wearing Talisman, which is a great everyday red, less dramatic and a bit more sheer than Vendome.

I find both lipsticks to be equally moisturizing, though they don't have the hydra-plumping effect that some new lipsticks offer. They leave quite a it of pigment behind even after a drink or a snack, and as you can see in the photos below, they survive roughhousing with a 14 lbs cat. By the time I took the last couple of pictures we were playing for 15 or twenty minutes and quite a bit of the lipstick was transferred to Tulip's paws and chin (I cleaned him up later), but there was no smudging on my hand.

Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks ($30 each ) are available from most decent department stores and I bought mine from Saks and Neiman Marcus.

All photos are mine.


  1. Thanks for the helpful review and swatches. The colors are Chanel are beautiful. I'm definitely going to check these out once I get a chance.

  2. I'm so glad you like Talisman, Gaia. I have found it to be very wearable for all the reasons you mentioned, and I love the Rouge Coco formula! (Great swatches, BTW).

    Fun for me to breakout of my natural m/u lines every once in a while! And these are addicting :-)

  3. It is always so shocking how colors and opacity change in the light.

    And PS: I need cats! I curse the fact I am marrying a man who is severely allergic. One day a week helping to care for/cuddle the cats at our local shelter isn't enough kittiness in my life. Keep posting the pics with them - it makes me so happy and warm and fuzzy inside!!

  4. I'm loving these new Coco lipsticks - bought Perle and the much-discussed Mademoiselle a couple of weeks ago, and they're both wonderful. I do find the Allures a bit more moisturising, but then the Cocos last longer. Vendome looks tempting, and I've been eyeing Rouge Noir yesterday, but I have more than enough dramatic reds already...:)

    BTW, a non-Chanel related comment: just wanted to thank you for your review of Kanebo's The Lipstick. I checked them out and bought the bright red one 09 Tsuyabeni. Sadly, none of the other colours seem to work for me, but this red is absolutely amazing - I've never seen such a vibrant shade before, and on the lips it feels more like moisturising treatment. A truly wonderful product:)

  5. Tulip is beautyful and reminds me my cat who died 3 weeks ago and I still miss him every second of the day.

  6. I adore your kitty (and your site)!!! Keep posting your fab kitty model :)

  7. I have Chanel color 70.
    I really feel a lit bit dry but really stay for a long time.
    Anyway like your blog a lot.

  8. I have and love Vendome, I shall have to give Talisman a look too.


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