Sunday, October 14, 2012

Currently- October 2012

Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible and Stacy London's The Truth About Style. So good.

Fly Me to The Moon- Julie London. Actually, this song in every incarnation and also everything Julie London.

I'm obviously on a tuberose kick. Tonight I'm wearing Cedre, but really, I'm all about Andy Tauer's Loretta since I got the sample.

Light shimmery eye shadows on the middle of the lid, with little else to detract from the sparkle.

Frequently Worn
Turquoise necklace with gray cashmere anything. Also, assorted vintage bangles and bracelets.

My own pink vodka sauce.

Guilty Pleasure
Paul Rudd.

Feline health issues. Peter is having a minor surgery on Tuesday and is also getting his teeth cleaned.

The husband and I went to see The Perks Of Being A Wallflower last night. Loved it (and hence Paul Rudd above).

Spending time with nieces and nephews.

Other than being after Peter's surgery?  Just about any Victoria Beckham dress. I'm in love with the impeccable and smart construction.

Random Thought
I never ever envied the late Princess Diana, even when I was a kid and she was the most beautiful princess in the world (Disney didn't have that many of them back then); but I'd like to be the Duchess of Cambridge for one day just to see what it's like.

How are you doing? Please share your loves, banes, thoughts and recommendations!

Art: October Farewell by Alexander Volkov.


  1. I identify with you on both counts of Paul Rudd. I also caught him on Broadway with Michael Shannon (Grace, if you ever have the chance, watching them perform live is something else) and gushed at him after the show because i'm a fangirl like that

  2. Diana Vreeland and The Eye Must Travel; Diptyque Volutes; the three perfumes by Bertrand Duchaufour in the Ann Gerard exploration set; and Felix Baumgartner falling 24 miles, landing on his feet, saying, "It was harder than I thought." ~~nozknoz

  3. Book: The Queen's Fool by Phillipa Gregory
    Music: J.S. Bach Cantatas (Handel & Haydn Society, Boston MA)
    Movie: The Tempest (2010 Julie Taymor, director)
    Perfume: Ava Luxe Queen Bess
    Fashion wishlist: something in red or burgundy velvet
    Makeup: Learning that less is more.
    Food: Basque Pumpkin Cornbread and potato-leek soup
    Bane: husband's disdain for parking garages
    Anticipation: visit to elderly mother-in-law (and her tiny, overheated apartment...)
    Joy: my cats
    Guilty pleasure: reading my favorite blogs at work!

  4. I agree with your choice of the Duchess of Cambridge in that she had a lot more time to prepare for her role and she has the support and love of her husband.

  5. May your sweet kitty come thru everything with flying colors, be well and feel good!

  6. Book: The China Study
    Music: Midnight Syndicate and Nox Arcana--I'm editing our Halloween mix :-)
    Perfume: Liu. It's much different from No. 5 on my skin. I get more rose with Liu.
    Makeup: Guerlain Holiday--Turandot, Lou-Ling, Altoum, and Perles du Dragon.
    Frequently Worn: I've been all over the page this week with the crazy weather we've been having.
    Food: Grilled veggies with a bit of harissa on couscous.
    Guilty Pleasure: Taking some time up to snuggle up in a cashmere throw and take a nap.
    Joy: Watching the trees put on their magnificent color display as the leaves turn.
    Anticipation: Halloween's must around the corner.
    Wishlist: Not a list, but a wish--that your little kitty will be well soon.
    Random Thought: Pets enrich our lives with so much beauty, joy, love, and companionship. When they hurt, so do we.

  7. Book: Slow Love--memoir of a woman who lost her job, a little bit of her sanity and learned how to live again
    Music--Green Day's UNO--loving "Oh Love" and "Let Yourself Go"
    Perfume--Tokyo Milk Dark #21 Yesterday sooo sweet and sexy but not heavy
    Makeup--just lip balm lately/strivectin trial for BzzAgent
    Frequently Worn--Cozy nightshirt with cocktails on it
    Food--fried chicken and biscuits
    Guilty Pleasure--watching Elementary and drooling over the actor playing Sherlock Holmes. He may not be Hugh Laurie/House but it's a pretty good substitute.
    Bane--that HouseMD is over. My pain is in flare, my best friend is in pain after surgery and I haven't seen my girlfriend in way way way too long.
    Joy--snuggling with my husband, kids and dog (in random order)
    Anticipation--Cooler weather here in FL and re-doing my freshwater fishtank
    Wishlist--the dress Michelle Obama wore for the DNC (in my size of course) TO DIE FOR
    Random Thought--what to name the pug I want to adopt from resuce (hopefully by Xmas)

  8. Thank you, everyone. Peter is home and doing fine. We're still waiting for lab results, but the outlook is positive.

  9. Thank you for reminding me of Julie London's sublime voice.


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