Friday, October 19, 2012

Serge Lutens Online- Now In The USA

Attention online shoppers:
A couple of months after Serge Lutens debuted his exclusive bell jars at Barneys NY, the new US website, is now live and offers full e-commerce. This means that we can now order everything online. EVERYTHING. The rectangular export bottles, the entire beauty line (including refills), and the bell jars. I foresee middle-of-the-night purchases of Rahat Loukoum in many futures.

Color me delighted.

Image from Serge Lutens Facebook page.


  1. Gah! Online shopping heaven. The markup is the same as Barney's, so I shall continue to use a shopping service for my planned purchases. I save a bit per-jar but I have to follow my shopper's travel schedule. It's good to know SL is now online for USA customers.

  2. Nice- now I can use that jar of Rahat with abandon..

    I was told that Barneys Beverly Hills will be getting the bell jars as well.

  3. Great, there goes my next paycheck. Or two, or three, lol!!

  4. Yeah! Bought my very first bell jar today. The site is bookmarked. I will never have any money!

  5. thank you for letting us know!!!!!
    Sarrasins will finally be mine.

  6. So happy for you all! Serge Lutens does my favourite scents

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