Monday, October 29, 2012

Serge Lutens Compact Foundation

Some items are worth their weight in gold, even when that's their actual price tag.  Serge Lutens Compact Foundation is one such product. Pressed powder foundations can be very dry and matte (the whole "powder" thing), so I usually save them for the melty days of august or for visits to questionable climate zones. But Serge Lutens Teint Si Fin is like a unicorn. A touch of a sponge or a firm brush (Shiseido Perfect Foundation brush is ideal) to the surface of the foundation, a swipe on the face, and there you go: an invisible cream, good coverage, skin-like finish. You can build it up to a full coverage with a porcelain finish by applying a few layers, or use it lightly to give your tinted moisturizer a truly flawless and polished look.

I rarely use a full-coverage foundation over my entire face, and I think that Serge Lutens Teint Si Fin is ideal for those of us who want to even out the skin and cover only certain areas. I did test the foundation for a full face look and was amazed at the photoshopped effect it gives. I still avoid the crevices at the sides of my nose (I find that a liquid concealer is better for this area), but everywhere else, including parts of the under-eye area can benefit from the touch of Uncle Serge.

Serge Lutens has always been a perfectionist, so when he architects your face you know you're going to get the best possible base. The versatility of his foundation also makes up for the price, as you really get the very best product and can tailor it to your needs. Don't buy sight unseen, though. There are only ten shades in this range and you must make sure you have a perfect match, otherwise there's no point: even the unicorn texture cannot help if the color is off. The wonderful makeup artist at Barneys NY was utterly confident that my shade was B40. There was no peering into my face, hemming and hawing while shining various lamps onto my skin, head-scratching and swatching one shade after another on my jaw. Just B40 that melded with my skin and disappeared into it, covering a small unsightly spot and a patch of hyper-pigmentation. The foundation stays in place and lasts all day, at least on my well-primed and non-oily face.

Bottom Line: I'm grateful for the refill option.

Serge Lutens Compact Foundation ($80 for the 8 gram refill pan) is available from Barneys as well as directly from

Top image: Serge Lutens Cityscape By Yvonne Lacet.


  1. This sounds like one to try! Please forgive my ignorance, but would one need to put anything over it (such as finishing powder)? and would this work for localized touch ups during the day? (my nose and chin usually need help).

    1. Since it's a cream-to-powder texture I don't have to use a finishing powder over it, unless I'm using it more for spot concealing. Then again, my skin is usually normal-to dry and even very dry at times.
      The foundation is ideal for touch ups because it applies seamlessly and you can just add a little right where it's needed. The slim compact is sleek and ideal for travel.

    2. Thank you for replying. My skin is pretty dry too so this sounds like what I need. Now if only Barney's was closer.

    3. Thank you for your reply. As I have dry skin as well sounds like this would be a good option for me. Now if only Barney's was closer.

  2. Thanks for another excellent post. This foundation interests me much but I'm afraid the result you get may not apply to my oily skin. You characterize this as a cream to powder foundation and I wonder if you could tell me if this is closer in texture and consistency to Cle de peau cream to powder foundation of La prairie powder foundation. I use La prairie for similar uses as you with Serge and although it is quite creamy I would not consider it as cream to powder like the Cle de peau one. Also, could you give me some Hakuhodo recommentation for powder foundations? You recommend Shiseido foundation brush for the Serge but it may have to do with its creamy texture? Also, I use Chantecaille spf 46 powder refills and as I see your review of that product, I was wondering if you could recommend some Hakuhodo brush for it. I'm about to place an order there but if you have other better options for these purposes, I'd be interested in that as well. I would love it if there is an ideal brush that would do both beautifully, but not with much sacrifice in performance. One thing to note is that I don't want light dusting sort of application. I feel secure with tons of spf on my face (even at the risk of looking powdery although would rather avoid it if I can) and I have quite a large patch of post acne hyper pigmentation to cover up with my powder foundation. So something that packs on products quickly on without looking cakey would be ideal. I apologize for bombarding you with so many problems but would be very greateful for suggestions.

  3. I ordered O40 from Barneys, it is the most amazing powder foundation that I have ever tried! I have drier skin and I look flawless with it on.


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