Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Estee Lauder Golden Sands Double Wear ShadowCreme

The love affair with cream eye shadows continues, especially with budge-and-smudge proof ones such as Estee Lauder Double Wear ShadowCreme. I already reviewed the one in Mochachino, so today we're looking at the glam and holiday-worthy Double Wear ShadowCreme in Golden Sands. The name is a perfect description of this shade, and I'll also add that it's an interesting kind of gold that adopts the character of the light around it: Gold Sands looks much warmer under a more yellow artificial light and candlelight.

On my skin Golden Sands works as a lid color, not as a highlight. It makes a great focal point at the center of the lid when paired with a dark/smoky color. I'd say that as long as your skin tone works with this kind of gold, it will flatter any eye color and make it gleam.

 I wish the texture of Estee Lauder cream shadows was a bit finer, though. Application is easy (finger or a brush. Avoid sponge applicators as the create a heavy layer that just sits on top of the skin), but it takes a bit of practice to make it look smooth. You need to blend quickly, as the Lauder people weren't kidding when they called it a "Stay-In-Place" cream shadow. Once it sets your only solution is to use a makeup remover.

Bottom Line: shiny and pretty, could use some refinement.

Estee Lauder Golden Sands Double Wear ShadowCreme ($18.50) is available at the counter as well as from

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  1. Like you I wish their texture were a bit thiner, and not so quick to dry. I have bought the pink shade, but will return it soon :(


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