Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dior Fairy Golds 764 Grand Bal Eyeshadow Palette Holiday 2012

I think we've already agreed that Dior Grand Bal collection for holiday 2012 is magnificent. The two 5 Couleurs eye shadow palettes from Grand Bal,  Fairy Golds 764 and Night Golds 524, are a good example: elegant neutrals with a glamorous edge that work in various combinations for day and night. Both are limited edition. Today we're looking at Fairy Golds 764, the one with the platinum snow center.

All five colors in this Dior holiday palette have a shimmery/metallic finish. Two are grownup glitter: the gold and the platinum have a lamé fabric texture and are obviously meant for a glamorous evening. They work well along the lower lash line, alone or together. On the tamer front we have a champagne, a rich cocoa brown and a sophisticated mauve with a hint of pink cast. All five eye shadows are smooth and soft with pigmentation that is true to the pan: the colors are light but pigmented and show well on the lid. The only one that has a bit of fallout is the gold one. The others are smooth and adhere beautifully to the skin, they last and maintain their color and finish over a primer, including after a quick walk in the rain.

Bottom Line: Festive.

Dior limited edition Fairy Golds 764 Grand Bal Eyeshadow Palette ($59) for Holiday 2012 is available at the counters as well as online.

Dior gown, photo by Norman Parkinson model Barbara Mullen taken at ‘The pillars of Quwat-Ul-Islam Mosque’, Dehli, India 1956


  1. wow. dior's holiday collection this year is really amazing. i am going to need to see this in person and start narrowing down my choices. i am loving the diorific lipsticks and now this palette! i am eager to see the night golds to compare, but maybe a counter visit is in order...

    i wonder if when you get to the night golds post, if you would do some side by side swatches??? that would be fun reading/viewing!

  2. i bought this palette 3 weeks ago and i loveeee it.


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