Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dior Diorific - Le Grand Bal Lipstick- Diorling (037)

Diorling (037), named after the wonderful Dior perfume, is one of four Diorific lipsticks from the Le Grand Bal Collection for Holiday 2012. The packaging is celebratory as are the four rich shades. All are variations on a deep red theme, all are long-lasting, saturated and opaque. Diorific lipsticks are as classic as it gets, and you need to be comfortable with statement reds to wear them.

Diorling is the darkest, or perhaps contains the less pink of the four. In some light it appears to have a slightly brown base, but in others Diorling seems the coolest (in tone) of the group. It is the vampiest, at least as the colors appear on pigmented lips (much darker than my arm in direct sun).

These Diorific lipsticks require prepped lips and benefit from applying thin layers with a brush. The formula is a bit dry, especially after several hours, but it isn't drying. Just make sure that your lips are in top shape.

Dior Diorific - Le Grand Bal Lipsticks ($36) are available at Dior counters and online.


  1. That Diorling looks scrumptious!

  2. Those look like wonderful red lipsticks, and I've always love that tube. It makes me cranky, though, when a company destroys a fabulous perfume and then names a cosmetic after it - in memoriam? ~~nozknoz

  3. I have this in "Marilyn" and love it. I plan to return to the counter for the other three as soon as I get the chance.

  4. I have two backups of this shade...Dior really must make these part of their permanant range..These lipsticks truly do not bleed into fine lines and do stay on for a long time.


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