Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dior Diorific Marilyn 040 Le Grand Bal Collection Holiday 2012

Dior Diorific lipstick in Marilyn 040 from the Holiday 2012 Le Grand Bal Collection is a beautiful pink/plum-based red that will flatter many.  The formula is the same full-coverage and richly pigmented one of Diorific lipsticks, which makes them long-lasting and very elegant. The velvety finish looks elegant and polished- Diorific is a very ladylike lipstick. It's also comfortable to wear, since while not a moisturizing formula the lipstick is certainly not drying. As long as your lips are in good shape and you keep them smooth and soft, the Diorific will give the perfect finish to a classic makeup look.

I was not the only one to observe that Marilyn is somewhat of a misnomer. The shade of red we associate with Marilyn Monroe doesn't have a pink base. Diorific Diva (038) is a better fit if that's what you're looking for. Still, it's a very pretty color that brings extra life to the face especially on gray and gloomy days.

Dior Diorific Marilyn 040 from Le Grand Bal Collection Holiday 2012 ($36) is available at the counters as well as online.

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  1. If I'm not mistaken, Marilyn actually wore six different shades of red lipstick at a time in a gradient, to create the illusion of a fuller lip. The shade she wore in the center of her lips were allegedly a pink-red.

    I also can't help but notice that the lighting in many of her pictures are very, very warm. Her lipstick shade could actually be pinker than it looks.

    Then again, reportedly her favorite red lipstick was Diabolique by Guerlain, which lives as 522 Insolence de Rouge from the KissKiss line.


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