Monday, December 10, 2012

AnastasiaBeverly Hills Brunette Brow Wiz

I spent an unhealthy amount of time trying to decide between two shades of Anastasia Brow Wiz pencils: Brunette and Medium Ash. The truth is that I could have gone with either one. My coloring seems to be pretty forgiving as long as the pencils have no red base, but I chose Brunette since this is the shade I wear in Anastasia's brow powder.

Brow pencils are a quick fix. No brush is needed, and all you have to do is use them in quick and precise feather-light strokes (never ever draw a continuous line, but you don't need me to tell you that). Anastasia's Brow Wiz pencil is thin, has the perfect consistency so it's easy to dispense the product without it smearing all over the place, and it stays in place all day. The built-in spoolie brush is a nice bonus and helps to give your brows a well-groomed natural look.

I decided to compare Anastasia's Brunette pencil to the one from Clinique in Soft Brown (Deep Brown is darker than my hair). They're nearly identical, so I took the comparison shot under two strong artificial lights. I tried to look for differences in undertone and search for any hint of redness. While Clinique Soft Brown is a bit warmer and maybe lighter, you can't really tell when I use them on my brows. However, if your coloring is lighter than mine (NC30-35 only greener and ashier) you will probably see a greater difference.

Bottom Line: Very good.

Anastasia Brunette Brow Wiz ($20) is available from Sephora.


  1. Hi Gaia, I love the demonstrative faces! (and the Anastasia pencil sounds good too)

  2. I've been thinking about purchasing this pencil for a while. I get worried that the strokes might be visible... Medium Ash would probably be mine. As soon as there is any warmth in the product I use in my brows, it looks AWFUL. haha

  3. I love the brow wiz as well as her tinted brow gel. They're easy to use and look great.


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