Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last Minute Gifts: Books For Quirky Loved Ones

I've been in nerd heaven lately because of these books, all speak to specific interests I have and would make a fun present, if you're still frantically looking for one. Apparently there's still time to order from Amazon, especially if you're a Prime member. Here's what we here:

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Christopher Warwik (Taschen). This one is brand new, it's a huge album that comes in a sturdy cardboard case with a handle(!). The book follows the public and private life of my favorite imaginary cousin (and her corgis) in wonderful pictures and details. Some of the photos were never published until now. $89.31 on Amazon (retail price is $150).

Buffy: The Making of a Slayer by Nancy Holder. Do you want to feel old? Buffy The Vampire Slayer is celebrating her 15th anniversary. This hardcover album has photos, illustrations and removable pieces, all focusing on the making of the TV series. And a forward by Amber Benson! Retail price is $50, Amazon offer it for $30.

Dior- 3 Book Set by Caroline Bongrand (Assoulin) came out early this year. Each book is dedicated to one part of Christian Dior's heritage: fashion, fine jewelry, and perfume. We can only dream (and, yes, there are also words in it)...  $52.50 on Amazon, retail price is $75.


  1. Lovely choice! I'd love that Buffy book for myself I must say!

  2. Wow, I especially love the Dior book! And it's interesting to see how that furry little beauty is eyeing the Buffy book - is he/she a big fan? =3


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