Monday, December 17, 2012

Stella McCartney Is Feeling Festive

I have nothing against the tweedy looking suit Stella McCartney wore for the switching-on of the Christmas lights at her own London store. The schoolmarm look sort of works for her, it's just not very festive, is it?  But my eye keeps wandering down towards her boots with their rubbery white sole, and I have to say that I find them just plain ugly. Apologies to all Stella McCartney's  fans, but some things just don't belong in high fashion.

Photo Danny Martindale/Getty Images Europe via Zimbio


  1. Horrible outfit! The boots are really horrible! Sandra

  2. It's just a brown suit. But yes, the boots could lose the white sole. It is not really that bad; she could have spruced up with a bit of colour, though.

  3. Brown boots/black tights...

  4. I was ok until I saw those tights and boots. You can pair things that don't normally go together if there's something cohesive about the look but this is a giant "no." The skirt could probably stand to be a bit shorter too. :)

  5. Funny, I don't mind the boot SOLES as much as the suit which makes her look dumpy and frumpy, but the height of the boots is also frumpy, and those black tights gotta go! As a designer she has a responsibility to look the part, in my humble opinion, that's why Donna Karan had to hire a stylist to dress her when her company was backed to become hugely successful, because she couldn't dress herself! Fashion is funny!


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