Thursday, December 06, 2012

Tom Ford Lipsticks Diabolique & Narcotic Rouge Jasmine Rouge Collection

Tom Ford's Holiday 2012 Collection is called Jasmine Rouge (isn't it supposed to be Jasmin Rouge, if the name is in French? Saks and Bergdorf both spell it with the extra E) after last year's Jasmin Rouge Tom Ford Private Blend perfume. It includes four red lipsticks: Reckless and Slander which have a pearly finish, and the velvety Diabolique and Narcotic Rouge. I chose the last two for their classic look that goes well beyond holiday parties.

Diabolique leans crimson, while Narcotic Rouge is a cherry red. The lipsticks look quite different from each other in the tube, but nearly identical in use, as you can see from the swatch. Narcotic Rouge has a little more pink/purple, but you need to look for it. My lips are considerably darker than my arm, so the result is a very rich cranberry red in both cases, perhaps a shade more burgundy when wearing Diabolique. It's a beautiful color but I hoped for two distinguishable shades. I'm not really complaining though, since these Tom Ford collection is a limited edition and I love carrying one lipstick in my purse while the other one stays home. Still, do take the similarity into consideration when you shop.

The texture is as creamy as you'd expect from Tom Ford lipsticks. They're matte-ish but not dry. I apply them over well-prepped lips  and the color doesn't accentuate lines or my scar. The lipsticks last well through drinks, need a bit of a touch up after a meal and look best when painted on with a brush.

Bottom Line: Festive.

Tom Ford Diabolique & Narcotic Rouge ($48 each) from Jasmine Rouge Collection for Holiday 2012 are a limited edition. Available at Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman.


  1. Thanks for the swatches! I was wondering if you know how narcotic rouge is in comparison to cherry lush? I like the look of these lipsticks but since I have more lipsticks than I know what to do with and they go actually go bad after two or so years, I don't want to buy something when I already have a dupe for it. Thanks in advance!

  2. Those colors and the texture looks so velvety! I must give these a try soon.

  3. How do you prep your lips typically, especially when you wear such a strong color? They look very lovely by the way....

  4. I want them both but I must control my spending!

  5. how do these compare to the Dior Le Grand Bal red lippies?


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