Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lorac Pro Cream Eyeliner

I planned on showing you yet another YSL gel eyeliner, but the new(ish) Lorac Pro Cream Eyeliner arrived here a couple of weeks ago and  I've been wearing it a lot, so I figured I'd better talk about it first. Lorac Pro Cream Eyeliner is a very long-wearing product. The texture is creamy and pliable, though a bit dryer than the YSL and less bouncy (it's not a gel, after all). Lorac's version reminds me more of Bobbi Brown's classic, if we're doing a comparison. But the finish is more muted and almost matte, making it a very elegant daytime choice.

This Lorac liner dries down quickly, and once it's set there's no smudging or migrating. The eyeliner stays put without fading for the entire day, doesn't bleed after a quick walk in the rain and requires meticulous cleansing come bedtime. The little jar is very travel-friendly, as the lid hosts a little brush (rather good one, though it has perhaps a little more give than I usually prefer). It folds and unfolds easily, and since you place the brush head first for storage in the lid, there's no messy residue to clean off your makeup bag.

Bottom Line: another excellent option.

Lorac Pro Cream Eyeliner ($19) is available from Ulta, Sephora, and The products was sent free of charge by the company's PR.

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  1. love that the brush is so easy to store. i always lose my liner brushes =[


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