Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Shadows: Trumpeter Koel, Solstice Halcyon, Olive Violetear

The matte eye shadows I have from Rouge Bunny Rouge see a lot of use here. It was time to shift attention to the ones with the satin finish (I already have and love Periwinkle Cardinal, which I think might be discontinued). I chose to focus on some hazy neutral eye shadow colors: Trumpeter Koel, Solstice Halcyon, Olive Violetear.

Trumpeter Koel is a dark charcoal infused with lavender blue iridescence. The blue is more noticeable from certain angles and lends itself to a stunning smoky eye.
Solstice Halcyon is a hard to define brownish mauvish beige. It's a low key but very complex color that can live in the crease or on the lid and requires little more than an ivory base and a dark eyeliner for a complete look.
Olive Violetear is the murkiest dirtiest olive. It's a very sophisticated way to wear khaki and olive colors, makes an interesting eyeliner and is brought to full life with a glossy black eyeliner and mascara.

The texture of Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadows is what I call "skin loving". They're smooth, spreadable and blendable. The subtle light reflecting finish is very elegant and grownup even when you use the boldest colors. It's never too much. I always use a primer and I find that it preserves both the intensity and the finish of the eye shadow all day long.

Bottom Line: Love.

Some Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadow colors come only as full size stand-alone pan (like the ones I previously reviewed). Others, such as the three featured here are also available in smaller refill pans ($19 each)  that can fit in a 2 or three pan palette ("Keeper", $16 and $18 respectively). They can be purchased from, (worldwide shipping), and directly from the company's newly revamped website, The products for these review were sent free of charge by the company.

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