Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Guerlain Garconne (25) Rouge G lipstick

Here's some excellent holiday cheer in the form of a red lipstick that is NOT limited edition. Garconne (no. 25) from Guerlain Rouge G lipstick range is a rich classic ruby red that dresses up even the most boring outfit. If your lips are as dark as mine it will probably have a somewhat mauve cast, but I find that applying two coats of Garconne with a brush makes the final look quite true to the color in the tube.

Guerlain Rouge G lipsticks are exquisite, and not just because the packaging is over the top. Since they were first released I've gotten used to the heavy case and find the built-in mirror wonderfully handy, and the lipstick tself easy to locate even at the bottom of my too big and too full purses (if only that were also the case with my cell phone...). The formula of Rouge G is balmy and moisturizing, the finish is rich, ripe and glowing (no visible shimmer particles). It's one of my favorite lipsticks for all these reasons, and the festive look is just another perk this season.

Bottom Line: looks and feels like a million dollars.

Guerlain Garconne  Rouge G lipstick ($48) is available at the counters and from Sephora.

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