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Paula's Choice Resist Hydrating Cleanser and Advanced Replenishing Toner

Yes, I'm all about skincare these days, can you blame me? It's winter and I'm extra vigorous about keeping my face alive. These two products from Paula's Choice have been with me for a while. As a matter of fact, my notes tell me that I started testing Paula's Choice Resist Optimal Results Hydrating cleanser and Advanced Replenishing toner about 15 months ago. I first ordered samples of the line and proceeded to full size, repurchasing the cleanser and toner several  times since. I keep a bottle in every bathroom as well as a backup stashed under the sink. This means I really really like them.

Paula's Choice Resist line is labeled as an anti-aging system. The cleanser and toner are the first two steps, but to me they're simply an effective no-frills "keep my face clean without drying or irritating" base before unleashing more active products on it. Skincare is a very your mileage may vary thing, but the basic Resist items should probably work just as well for anyone not sensitive to one of the ingredients. You slather the unscented cleanser, wash it off and follow with a toner. The Resist cleanser is quite effective at removing makeup, though I do take off my eye makeup beforehand.

Resist Hydrating Cleanser is creamy and doesn't lather much, so perhaps it's not ideal for use with a Clarisonic brush, though I do it occasionally (it takes more product to do so). The pump bottle is convenient, washing it off is quick and easy-- as I said: a basic.

Resist Advanced Replenishing Toner is lovely: it's not an astringent and isn't a cleansing product, but just as the name suggests: it replenishes.  The toner doesn't doesn't sting; on the contrary: it's very soothing, yet it makes my skin feel fresh and revived. According to Paula's Choice, the toner's "diverse cocktail of anti-aging ingredients preserves and reinforces skin's barrier, helps repair sun damage, and instantly restores radiance". It's calming properties make the Resist toner an excellent option for a quick pick-me-up mask, if you soak an Asian paper mask in water and let it sit over your toner covered face for ten minutes. Of course, I do follow with serums, creams and oils, as I feel needed; but my skin never ever screams for mercy, so that's a very good sign.

Bottom Line: I now share these with the husband.

Paula's Choice Resist Hydrating Cleanser ($16.95)and Advanced Replenishing Toner ($18.95) are available from

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  1. I'm a huge fan of both of these! They aren't "glamorous" but they work. And, yes, I even got my husband to use them!

  2. I'm a huge fan of Paula's Choice. The line is no-nonsense, reasonably-priced and very effective. I'm a big fan.


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