Monday, December 17, 2012

Arcona Cranberry Triad Toner Pads

Arcona Cranberry Toner has been a nearly constant fixture in my beauty cabinet for years. It's an effective yet gentle cleansing product and I reach for it often enough, especially during the summer. The last time I ran out of this Arcona toner I was also looking for something a bit more travel-friendly, so I picked their Triad Toner Pads.

These pads are completely soaked in the familiar Arcona Cranberry Toner and have a quilted surface that helps in the cleansing process One pad is enough for my face, so it's quite efficient. The packaging is convenient when on the go (the glass jar might be a bit heavy, but I like the sturdiness), not to mention that it's TSA-safe.

Just like the regular toner, Arcona Triad pads smell heavily of berry juice. I've become a little more sensitive to it over the years: there's nothing wrong with it, but the scent is very strong and distracting, even after you apply serums and moisturizers.

Bottom Line: a good one, as long as you can deal with smelling like cranberry juice.

Arcona Cranberry Triad Toner Pads is priced at $30 for a jar of 30 pads. Nordstrom has an exclusive offer of two packs for the same price, which I highly recommend.


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