Monday, November 28, 2011

CB I Hate Perfumes- Burning Leaves

There's no way around it: Burning Leaves by CB I Hate Perfumes is a very literal interpretation of the subject. There's nothing elusive or abstract in it: You smell the leaves, you smell the smoke, there's a hint of cool air and I might be imagining it, but something ashy in the dry-down. That's it.

Of course, like other perfumes by Christopher Brosius of CB I Hate Perfume, Burning Leaves is a memory, an experience, a time and a place; thus, it takes you somewhere. To a campfire, most likely. The couple of hours smell like I just came back from spending a fall day by the fire.  The interesting part of the fragrance is the way it interacts with the wearer's skin. On the husband there's more give and the smell is deeper, almost woody. Things are more static when I wear Burning Leaves, or perhaps it's the perfume that's wearing me.

I like it- the holographic, true-to-life scene Burning Leaves paints. It's just that until the late dry-down when my own chemistry takes over and makes the smoke sweeter, it's not personal enough and a little too literal to be wearable in public. I'm a huge fan of smoky fragrances but they need to still have a perfumy aspect, which is missing from Burning Leaves. I do enjoy smelling this CBIHP scent on the husband. It's thick, outdoorsy and very manly.

CB I Hate Perfumes Burning Leaves ($12, 2ml perfume absolute. Larger size available) can be purchased at the CBIHP gallery on 93 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn and from

Art: Burning Leaves by Ernest Lawson


  1. This was one of my first "concept" scents. It was perfect. No one in the Atl metro is allowed to burn leaves any more, as it apparently contributes to air pollution. As we are built in a forest, we have tons of them! I miss the smell; very elegaic.

  2. It smells disturbingly like my childhood. Like a few of his perfumes. I think these make better art than everyday-wearable perfume. Just me.


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