Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Currently- May 2013

Mrs Queen Takes The Train by William Kuhn. An Elizabeth II novel. One is utterly amused.

Linda Draper- Sleepwalker from her new album Edgewise (out May 21st). I heard the song the other night on WFUV and I can't wait till iTunes have it.

Histoires de Parfums- 1740 Marquis de Sade. A spicy ambery dark leather. No idea why I never reviewed it. Will rectify soon.

Coral lips and nails. But less expected than that, I rediscovered the jar of MAC Blue Brown pigment and fell in love all over again.

Frequently Worn
Light jersey dresses of every length. Scarves and funky jewelry make them less boring.

Cranberries, tomatoes, carrot juice. If it's red or orange I will eat it.

Shame Inducing Guilty Pleasure 
Indulging in more royal biographies.

The vacuum cleaner is on its last legs. These appliances don't die of old age in our house.

A few days off.


Anything Maiyet, but especially their Gehry bags.

Random Thought
If the upcoming Estee Lauder perfume Modern Muse is Lauder's "most comprehensive women’s scent statement since the 2003 launch of Beyond Paradise" (WWD, May 3, 2013) or as their global brand president  "the most important fragrance moment we’ve had in a decade", what exactly do they call Adventurous (2011),  Amber Mystique (2013), Azuree Soleil Whatever (2007), Beautiful Love (2006), Beautiful Precious Drops (2006), Beautiful Spring Veil (who cares?), Beautiful Summer Bouquet (2006), Beautiful Summer Fun (2007 and 2008), Beyond Paradise Blue, Beyond Paradise Summer Fun (seriously), Brazil Dream (2008), Bronze Goddess (too many to count), Emerald Dream (vile beyond your dreams, 2006), Intuition Summer In Bloom (2004), Pleasures Artist's Edition (I don't want to know), Pleasures Baie Rose Peony Splash (2009), Pleasures Bloom, Pleasures Delight, Pleasures Eau Fraiche, Pleasures Exotic, Pleasures Jasmine Violet Splash, Pleasures Pop, Pleasures Sandalwood Amber Splash, Pleasures Summer Fun, Private Collection Amber Ylang, Private Collection Jasmine White Moss, Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia, Pure White Linen and five more flankers of this flanker, Very Estee (2012), Wild Elixir (2011), Wood Mystique (2011) and of course Sensuous in three concentrations, two extra flankers and Gywneth Paltrow without pants?
I call it a cynical company that has lost respect for its customers.

How about you? Please share your thoughts, recommendations, loves and banes.

Top image: Woman and Cats (1969) by Will Barnet


  1. I so agree with you on Estee Lauder. They are insulting us. As for all those interminable flankers - I was beginning to think you had made some of them up, there were so many and the names are so funny!

    Kittens .... are you getting kittens? I do hope so. Our boy is at the vet's today, having dental surgery, so I am waiting anxiously to hear the news.


  2. Pleasures Pop!? Gaia, did you make that up? :) Seriously though, that is a very sad list. Of EL fragrances I mean, not your 'currently'.

  3. Couldn't help but notice how underwhelming the Estee Lauder ad looked. Gwyneth doesn't look in anyway "sensuous" here - more like a cross between bored and anesthetized, probably ...

  4. At the VERY LEAST, Bronze Goddess, Sensuous, and PC Tuberose Gardenia were all big perfume moments for Estee Lauder! I wonder who delivered that boneheaded statement.

    Gaia, have you heard about the Butter London polish for the upcoming royal baby?? I think it's called Pitter Patter. I thought of you as soon as I read about it!

  5. I was panting a little by the end of that list. Too many.

  6. Pity me, I'll have to sell it. And they'll give me a bottle of it that I'll never touch. We are told to always wear an Estee fragrance at counter or nothing at all...I opt for nothing.

  7. lI have a friend who wore Estee by EL every day for forty years. When EL decided to trash it because, I suppose, pleasing the loons at IFRA became so so so important to the execs at the revamped company, my friend simply decided never to wear perfume again. She isn't happy about this decision but she's not giving in. I on the other hand, a person who wore Aliage continuously from the day it came out until the day I discovered it had been turned into bug spray confronted (where are my manners?) an executive at the company. She couldn't explain why Aliage is now a travesty of the great perfume it once was. I dream of Aliage at night. Why have they done this? Wherever Mrs Lauder now is I bet she would not approve. And let's not even speak of Chanel 19 or Cristalle. Or Magie Noir. Shame on all those who believe that a sandlewood patchouli blackberry flanker is the same as a perfume. It's true that everybody doing the same perfume over and over in the eighties was a bore. But so is what's happening now, only perfume doesn't smell as good as it did even at the time of the horror or Giorgio. And from a technical point of view, it seems to turn more easily, not last nearly as long and the scent is unevenly emulsified throughout the bottle. It's second rate crap from people who should know better. I hate IFRA.


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