Monday, May 20, 2013

Hourglass Gypsy Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo

Reviews of Hourglass eye shadow duos write themselves at this point. I received this duo in Gypsy directly from Hourglass and it joined the other ones I already have: the dramatic Prism, elegant tone-on-tone Suede, and classic Dune. Gypsy is a high contrast cream ivory/bronze combination with a smooth almost metallic shiny finish (no glitter or any particles).

 The silky texture of Gypsy is the usual Hourglass luxurious fare. Both colors are easy to blend and can be used together or for a single shadow look. These are basic year-round shades. Nothing innovative about ivory and bronze, but it's the quality and performance that make Hourglass duos a must-have for me. They're among my quick and easy no-brainer makeup products: pretty and quick.  Gypsy can also be the base of a hot summer with a touch of teal, turquoise or aqua along the lash line.

I always use a primer and find that Hourglass eye shadows maintain their intensity and finish from morning till night including on humid summer days. I hope eventually Hourglass will release a few more color combinations, and I definitely have to add Lagoon and Exhibition to my collection at some point. They've been calling my name for a while-- and just think of pairing Lagoon with Gypsy!

Hourglass Gypsy Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo ($38) is available at Bergdorf, Barnyes, and Sephora. The product for this review was supplied by the company free of charge.


  1. I love all the Hourglass duos I have (Prism, Exhibition, Suede), but I've always hesitated on this one because I wondered if it was too close to Chanel's Sable Emouvante. Looking at your swatches, though, it seems almost too tempting...

  2. not to quibble, but isn't this a bit more copper than bronze? bronze has green in it. this has a red cast, as would copper.

    glad you are liking the hourglass! i raved about their tinted moisturizer quite a while back, and will have to check out their latest offerings.


  3. Bronze and teal are two of my favorite colors to use in Summer, and the quality is beautiful! Time to head out to the Hourglass counter to give these a try!

  4. Love this duo, thank you for sharing great swatches! The ivory shade looks like a great highlighter! x S.


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