Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jo Loves- The Mango Collection

 Jo Loves...- Mango Nectar, A Shot Of Oud Over Mango, A Shot Of Thai Lime Over Mango

Life Style entrepreneur Jo Malone sold her company to Estee Lauder in 1999 but stayed on board until 2006. She left her name to Lauder and had to start from scratch when she was ready to come back after a battle with breast cancer. The new company, Jo Loves, launched the first scents in 2011 and added four more in 2012, including the three fragrances of the Mango Collection which we'll talk about today. At first Jo Loves perfumes and candles were only available in the UK, but now they're shipping to the US.

I decided to start with the Mango Collection because this note used to be far out of my comfort zone.But Neela Vermiere has taught me a lesson with her wonderful Bombay Bling, so now I'm eager to see what else is out there.

Mango Nectar (notes: mango leaf, bitter orange, pink grapefruit, mango nectar, apricot blossom, jasmine, musk). This one is decidedly not for me. Mango Nectar is a sweet fruity-floral, very juicy, very sunshiny and a bit too Bath & Body Whatever. The opening is downright scary after the initial burst of orange juice-- it's all Tropicana all the time, but it mellows into a mellow white floral and sweet musk. Surprisingly, Mango Nectar is the least tenacious of the three on my skin, but in this case I'm not complaining.

A Shot Of Thai Lime Over Mango (notes: mango, kaffir lime, black pepper, freesia, mint leaves, white thyme  absolute, vetiver) is the fun one. The fragrance opens with a huge kaffir lime note in all its green and lime-like glory. It's green, herbal and zesty in the best possible way. I can't get enough of this and if there was a matching body butter or even a shower gel I would have already ordered it. The mango in A Shot Of Thai Lime is not too sweet and maintains the green quality that makes this an exotic treat. The dry-down is more green- this time grassy thanks to the vetiver. It's also gender neutral and easy to wear.

A Shot Of Oud Over Mango (notes: mango, black pepper, freesia, oud wood) is the sexy surprise. Even if you're already over the oud trend in perfumery this Jo Loves fragrance is still worth your time, because apparently what oud has been missing all along is a lighthearted infusion of mango. Who knew? A Shot Of Oud is a game of contradictions: light and shadow, cool and warm. There's a hint of incense somewhere in the core, making the perfume even more interesting. A Shot Of Oud is obviously my favorite of the trio and the longest lasting in this Jo Loves collection. It's also an original and unexpected creation and the husband's favorite.

 Jo Loves... The Mango Collection: Mango Nectar, A Shot Of Oud Over Mango, A Shot Of Thai Lime Over Mango (£45.00, 30ml EDP) is available exclusively from Please note that they can only ship this small size outside of the UK because of the currents restrictions and regulations (and shipping to the US is priced at  £20.00. Ouch). The samples for this review were sent by the company.

Mango by Jean Heelen
A vintage seed packet via an online auction
Paul Gaugin, Woman With  A Mango, 1892
Underneath The Mango Tree by Ruth Sampson


  1. This sounds great. Do you know where they'll be sold?

    1. Carlos, for now I think it's online only.

  2. Gaia, do you know how the Shot of Thai Lime over Mango compares with PdeN's L'Eau a la Folie? I think the composition sounds similar, although the Folie has mint.

  3. Love the artwork you featured with this post. :)



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